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Cursus International Bilingue / Study Abroad Program in Versailles

Formation complète menant au Titre de Peintre en Décor « Techniques Ancestrales et Contemporaines »
Certification professionnelle de niveau 3 (FR) et de niveau 5 (EU), code NSF V233, enregistrée au RNCP, publiée au JO du 07/02/2009 et renouvelée par arrêté du 11/12/2015 publié au JO du 17/03/2016

Cursus International Bilingue: EAM-V Diploma & Foreign Language certificat

The Versailles School of Mural Art evolving with international exchange has created a Study Abroad Program designed for foreign language students looking to join the EAM-V program and experience an exceptional cultural year in Versailles. A partnership was established with Actualis, a certified foreign language training centre to study French or English while attending The Versailles School of Mural Art on a 1 or 2 year program.

Actualis language training centre

Actualis is a unique certified training centre in Versailles created 25 years ago with the objective of teaching French as a foreign language practicing “The Silent Way” approach.

Conveniently located in the heart of the city, on the prestigious Avenue de Paris within the Chamber of Commerce (CCI), and next to The Versailles School of Mural Art, Ecole Supérieure d’Art Mural et Décoratif de Versailles. Actualis is the first and only qualified school in Versailles to administer the TCF (Test de Connaissance du Français)—equivalent to the TOEIC for the French language.

The two-year certification program is recognized by the French government for administrative procedures and by French Universities permitting candidates to pursue studies or work in France. Actualis teachers are certified in both French and English as a Foreign Language and qualified to conduct the TCF and TOEIC language tests, A1 to C2 levels.

Teaching Approach & Syllabus

Teaching at Actualis is directly inspired by “The Silent Way”—“Approche Silencieuse” in french, which was created by Caleb Gattegno with the aim to establish a new approach in teaching foreign languages. Emphasis is put on using our senses as avenues of learning, particularly visual, auditory and kinaesthetic. Practicing this creative and interactive yet, precise method, teachers accompany students in French or English to their targeted level of fluency. Art students with their natural artistic sensitivity, are particularly suitable to the avant-garde language training program always tailor-made even within a group class.

The syllabus includes the study of language structure, grammar, spelling and conjugations with specific work on pronunciation and prosody. Particular attention will be given to acquiring a vocabulary related to our French cultural heritage, the history of the Chateau of Versailles and it’s influential role in the arts.

Ideal location & Program structure

Actualis and The Versailles School of Mural Art are located on the grounds of the historical Hôtel de Madame du Barry at the Chamber of Commerce of Versailles. They conveniently share the same courtyard campus, perfect to join Actualis language classrooms, an EAM-V painting atelier or access to professional services offered by the Chamber of Commerce.

On arrival in Versailles, International students will be introduced to both schools and receive any necessary support to settle in to their new surroundings followed by a 4 step program:

1st. Studies begin at Actualis, with an accelerated French language program to prepare for their subsequent art classes taught in French.

2nd.Students begin their program at the Versailles School of Mural Art and Actualis will schedule lessons around the EAM-V agenda. The regular weekly language lessons will insure foreign students progress in French and their understanding of painting terminology.

3rd. Specific conferences will be given towards the end of term to prepare students for the final oral and practical exam at the EAM-V.

4th. The final stage will be preparing and passing the TCF or TOEIC language tests A1 to C2 post EAM-V exam.

Program options in French or English

1 year – 300 hour Certified Foreign Language program in French or English

French option: designated for foreign students with limited french interested in integrating the EAM-V diploma program and work in France with a certain ease.
English option: designated for french speaking students interested in developing international options such as moving abroad for professional experience.

2 year – 600 hour Certified Foreign Language program in French or English

French option: designed for foreign students interested in achieving a bilingual level of fluency in French.
English option: designed for french speaking students interested in achieving a bilingual level of fluency in English.
French & English option: the first year French and second year English.


Artistic prerequisites: art portfolio and background in a field such as fine arts, restoration, gilding, arts & crafts, scenography, designer, interior architects, decorators

Language prerequisites: A1-A2 level according to the Actualis evaluation test.


Depuis la rentrée de septembre 2019, l'EAM-V propose un cursus international bilingue sur 1 ou 2 ans, en partenariat avec Actualis

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Nouvelle adresse

L'Ecole d'Art Mural de Versailles est désormais localisée au 21-23 avenue de Paris, dans le lieu prestigieux de l'Hôtel du Madame du Barry, au sein de la Chambre de Commerce et d'Industrie de Versailles

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